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Three Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Desk

by Laura R. Davis

When you work in an office or a position that requires you spend a lot of time sitting down, you need a good desk that has all the storage you need and one that will fit in the available space.

Desks now come in a number of different designs like a reception desk that is higher and serves as the first thing visitors see when they enter your office. Before buying a new desk for your office from an office furniture company though, you need to consider different features as well as the size of the desk.

Desk Design

Think about the design of the desk first. Most people think of desks as having a flat top, a few drawers under the top or on the sides and four legs. Desks now come in some unique designs though like modular designs.

These desks allow you to put multiple pieces together to create an effective work area for more than one person. Those with an L-shape or a U-shape will fit in corners and unused spaces around the office. You may even prefer a standing desk that lets you stand up while working.

Overall Size

The size of the desk is important because this lets you know if it will fit in your office or work area. Larger desks like those designed for executives are much more massive and designed to make an impression on those who see it for the first time. These desks are often too large for use in the cubicles that many offices now have.

You should think about height in terms of size too. If the desk is too short, you’ll feel your knees and legs rubbing against the top each time that you use it.
Storage Space

Having your own personal work desk gives you storage space for all the things that you use every day, but you need to make sure that it really offers all the space that you need.

A large top gives you room for a few personal effects and your computer, and some have cord management systems for organizing your computer cords. Many prefer desks with drawers of different sizes, and you may like one that has a built-in file cabinet too. A desk in the right size and design with the right amount of space will work perfectly in your office.

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